Star Parker Says It’s ‘Incredible’ That Parents Still Allow Their Kids to Go to These ‘Cesspools’ We Call Schools

Star Parker recently appeared on Victory News to talk about the perversion going on in schools: so-called gender ideology.

Star said the discussion about whether men can get pregnant, for example, has turned our whole administrative state into a circus. The very idea is ridiculous, of course, but if you even ask the question, you’re called a “transphobe.”

“If it weren’t so sad,” Star said, “it would be funny.”

A concerned father went to a school board meeting in Clay County in Florida recently to protest sexually explicit books in the school library. Members of the school board turned off his microphone. Why?  Because the book was too explicit to read over community cable TV where the meeting was broadcast! The board approved the book for children but not for the sensitive ears on viewers.

Star said it’s time to transition ourselves out of these government schools and get back into Christian schools. She had much more to say about this. Watch the brief clip for more.

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