Paris Denard: Black Voter Suppression in the 2020 Election

The media would have you believe there is deliberate Black voter suppression — well there is — by Team Joe Biden and his radical liberal friends in the media.

When Joe Biden twice reinforces a false narrative about the lack of diversity of the Black community, that is Black voter suppression.

When Joe Biden says “You ain’t Black” if you are trying to figure out if you are voting for him or President Trump, that is Black voter suppression.

When a so-called fact checker for the Washington Post gets on C-SPAN and tells the American people that there is “very little that the President has done specifically to help Black Americans,” that is Black voter suppression.

When CNN and MSNBC refused to carry President Trump’s live remarks after the murder of George Floyd, even though they knew in advance he would speak at length about it, that is Black voter suppression.

Team Joe Biden and his media friends are engaging in Black voter suppression by intimidating those free thinking, independent minded, not radically liberal Black Americans from supporting President Trump.

They want to suppress a segment of the diverse Black voting population that finds Joe Biden to be a bigot because of the things he has said in the past and present about Black people.

The effort to make Black Americans feel they are not real, woke, or connected to their community if they agree with conservative values, candidates, or the GOP’s nominee, President Trump is to shame them into not voting Republican.

When Black Democrats like Leo Terrell and State Representative Vernon Jones support President Trump they are openly accused of being literal sell-outs. The media and left try to discredit their voices in an effort to diminish their voice; God forbid other Black Democrats might agree with them.

When Joe Biden’s radical Black media friends on MSNBC, co-sign with his campaign and push a false narrative that Black Trump supporters are just paid to support him, that is a form of voter suppression.

MSNBC called GOP Convention speakers, Jack Brewer, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Clarence Henderson, Alice Johnson, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (D), Kimberly Klacik, Burgess Owens, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Ja’Ron Smith, Herschel Walker, Katrina Pierson, Stacy Washington, Jon Ponder, and Stacia Brightmon “modern-day minstrels.” This is all an effort to silence anyone who dares stand up, and support President Trump or his policies. It is Black voter suppression.

President Trump’s record and positive impact should make the Biden/Harris campaign nervous. CNN reported Joe Biden’s advantage over President Trump with Black voters was actually much smaller than Hillary Clinton’s was, and she lost the election. Their elite, Hollywood convention failed to give them a significant bounce in the polls, in fact, it was President Trump’s support among Black voters which saw an increase. Yes, President Trump’s approval with Black voters went up after both the DNC and RNC conventions.

The contrast in visions, leadership and policies are becomes more evident. The liberal media has tried to hide, distort and outright lie about President Trump’s record of achievement for the Black community these past four years, but it is starting to backfire.

A CNN poll showed President Trump’s support among minority voters has increased by 10% from June to August. A recent Hill-HarrisX poll showed a 9% increase in Black support for President Trump. A new Zogby poll shows a 20% increase in support for President Trump among Black voters. Rasmussen showed 36% support for President Trump from Black voters. And the Knight Foundation-College Pulse survey showed one in five Black male college students supports President Trump. If you think that’s pretty good, imagine what the polls would show if the mainstream media actually reported fairly on the good work from this admiration.

Liberals want the Black community to close their eyes to the lawlessness, the rioting, the looting and the crime that is happening in Democrat-controlled cities. Even worse, they are trying to make you believe it is all President Trump’s fault. However, we can see clearly that he is the man fighting for the voiceless. President Trump is the only one who acted after the murder of George Floyd, with his Executive Order. Democrats in Congress blocked Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act and called it “token” legislation.

The only action from the Biden/Harris ticket is paying bail for rioters.

Black America is done, over it, tired of the silence, tired of the inaction and failed liberal policies that have not worked, have not helped and will not empower, uplift or change the conditions of many in urban communities.

Black Americans see President Trump leading on criminal justice reform, urban revitalization, Opportunity Zones, school choice, charter schools, and calling for public safety through projects like Operation LeGend.

There is a shift happening in America. The radical Liberals of the Democrat party are losing their hold on the Black vote and polls are showing it. Black Americans will vote their values, they will vote for those who are fighting for them, those candidates who lift them up and put America first. The silent majority is not so silent anymore and will let their voice be heard loud and clear when President Trump is re-elected in November.

Photo credit: David Goehring (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

Paris Dennard is a GOP political commentator, strategist, and senior communications adviser for Black Media Affairs at the Republican National Committee. Follow him on Twitter at @PARISDENNARD.

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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