Pastor Randy Vaughn: ‘Silence is not an option’ on homosexuality in the church

Pastor Randy Vaughn of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Port Arthur, Texas, is one of the men who participated in the National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors Press Conference, which you can view in its entirety here.

The pastors spoke to the media about the American Baptist College in Nashville inviting a “married” lesbian bishop to speak at the school’s annual Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series.

Selected quotes from Pastor Vaughn:

“The Bible is always challenging us to confess and repent…invigorates us to go out and fight sin and fight against evil and share with others who struggle just as we do. We love our sanctuary, we love our holy place. We love to rendezvous with our brokenness. We are stripped of our pride. Our egos are placed in check. We confess our fresh sins. We pray repentant prayers and then leave like soldiers to go back out into the battlefield.

“This sin, LGBT/homosexuality, is brazen, it’s unlike any other sin. All other sins bow down in shame at the cross. All sins lay down. Sinners…bow their heads at the feet of the cross. But not this sin. It’s a brazen sin. It has politicized itself. It has mobilized an army. It generates money to buy politicians and elections. It sets up its own chamber of commerce. It exalts itself in ways of mass marches and rallies, it glamorizes itself capturing the cameras in Hollywood on the stages of Broadway. This sin is being paraded on the norm of television in homes across our land.

“And now this sin, this same-sex nonsense, wants to preach in our holy place, wants entrance into our church….And so today we challenge our national leadership, our national president, Dr. Harry Young, to make a declarative statement, because silence is not an option.”

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  1. I am so glad to see the black community stand up against homosexuality since I am not seeing much in the white community. I am a white, 69 year old married woman. My views are conservative,
    christian (church of Christ) some say a ‘lifer’, The Bible teaches us that homosexual lifestyle is sinful and those who practice it cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, my children my children have been swayed by the world and now feel that it is ok to practice, altho they themselves do not. I worry about our world, my children, grandchildren, myfriends’s children, etc. We must speak up about this evil in our society and other spiraling social conditions,

  2. Where in the Bible does it say “Brown Community” or “White Community” or “Black Community”? IT DOESNT. There are two and only two types of people. Those that are TRULY saved (VERY few in number) and the rest. Jesus didnt divide us by race and neither should anyone else.

  3. PS Pastor Vaughn hits the nail on the head in regards to homosexuality. It is a shame so few speak up

  4. Pastor Larry Vaughn is correct! About what he cited, concerning this demonic spirit that as plague the world and now wants to take over the Church that Jesus is building, we will not be silent!! We must all under stand that the devil wants to corrupt and confuse the next generation so they can’t distinguish between right and wrong, aided by these False prophets we will speak out! Silence is not an option! Not in the Church that Jesus is building!!