Police Reform: Qualified Immunity or Accountability — Watch CURE America Episode 41

In the aftermath of the verdict in the George Floyd murder case and the conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin, this week on CURE America with Star Parker, we have an in-depth discussion about police reform as the topic is being debated in the United States Senate. Our friend, Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, offered reform legislation last year and got shut down by the Left. The outright hatred toward Senator Scott after his compelling response to President Joe Biden’s address to Congress shows how divided our country is today.

Our show, Police Reform: Qualified Immunity or Accountability, addresses this divide and features an august panel including a constitutional attorney and two former police officers, Jason Johnson, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, and Reverend Charles McNeil, Pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Washington, D.C discussing the issues. Both have seen first-hand the difficulties of the job and have some compelling solutions to offer in this important debate. Pastor McNeill is part of CURE’s Clergy Network and had some powerful insights regarding the dilemma we face in our country over-policing, race, and responsibility.

With our special guest, Clark Neily of the Cato Institute, we delve into the issue of qualified immunity in which police officers who commit wrongful acts may receive immunity because of this law.

Are today’s police receiving proper training? Do police unions have too much power?

The conversation is lively and very timely as the police reform debate gets underway in the Senate. As always, we cut through the noise of the news to find the truth.

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  1. In 2002 when I retired from federal law enforcement I went to work on local law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I had already graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Brunswick, Georgia which is sometimes referred to as the West Point of American Law enforcement. When I was undergoing training in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When we were being trained on dealing with uncompliant person laying on the ground. So I used a technique I taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Brunswick, Georgia I just used two fingers under each ear and lifted a three hundred pound body builder up with in three second and he said “Ray that hurt!” The instructors said “That technique is not approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. In point of fact the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services had NO training for that problem.