Power, Poverty, & Politics — Americans Are Earning More, and Without Government Handouts

In this episode of Star Parker’s Power, Poverty, & Politics podcast, she said that contrary to what we hear from Democrats and their “left-leaning unionized media buddies,” Americans continue to move up economically and earn more money.

What about people who aren’t moving up? The reasons are entirely in their control through personal decisions and personal responsibility.

From 1967 to 2020, the percentage of American households earning $100,000 or more has tripled. Middle income households earning between $35,000 and $100,000 have shrunk — but not for the reasons you might think. Star said more of these households have moved into the upper income category.

Unlike higher-earning households, lower income households are more likely to be less educated, working part time, under 35 or over 65, and living in single-parent or single-member households. Star said this is a different message than PC woke culture delivers.

Star tried to get this message across in a billboard campaign in 2020, but Black Lives Matter put a stop to it. How? Listen to the episode here or on Spotify, Apple, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, or Stitcher to find out more.

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