Pro-Lifers Sue D.C.’s New Black History Museum

Pro-lifers filed a lawsuit last month against the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), the director, the Office of Protection Services (OPS), the director, and an OPS police officer for allegedly violating their constitutional rights and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Rev. Clenard Childress, of the plaintiffs, protests every year outside the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s convention to bring attention to the organization’s support for abortion mill Planned Parenthood, which doesn’t advance “colored people” in the womb. Rev. Childress, his group Black Genocide, and others protested outside the new museum as well.

The plaintiffs allege that the museum prevented them from showing images of aborted babies, handing out pro-life literature, and speaking to potential visitors. From the American Freedom Law Center:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, although African American women account for only 11% of the female population, they are the victims of 36% of all abortions. By 2009, 16 million black children had been aborted. Had they lived, the black population would be 50% larger than what it was in 2009—49 million instead of 33 million. By 2014, 18 million African American babies had been aborted. This is black genocide.

According to the lawsuit, NMAAHC hides from those who visit the museum the fact that abortion is disproportionately harming the African American community. In fact, NMAAHC celebrates individuals and organizations that promote abortion.

The plaintiffs noted that the museum showcases black abortion advocates but not pro-lifers like Justice Clarence Thomas. More about what led to the lawsuit:

On February 1, 2017, Pastor Childress and Ms. Hawkins initiated the NMAAHC project by peacefully standing outside of the museum entrance on the public sidewalk adjacent to Madison Drive with one of the project signs. Mr. Cunningham was present as well. A photograph of their peaceful, non-obstructive free speech activity appears below:

Shortly after they arrived, Pastor Childress and Ms. Hawkins were confronted by an NMAAHC official who told them that they could not stand outside the museum with their sign. Reverend Childress responded that this is a public sidewalk.

The NMAAHC official summoned an armed, uniformed police officer from the Office of Protection Services (OPS). Two additional OPS officers arrived. One was a female officer, who was likely summoned due to the fact that Ms. Hawkins, a woman, was present.

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  1. The sidewalk outside the museum may be owned by either the National Park Service or Department of Interior. Either way, Rev. Childress and Ms. Hawkins may have been in violation of federal restrictions against soliciting.

    • Yes indeed The Patriot’s work to secure Liberty is never done in Washington, D. C. WE, The People, are all just trespassing upon the Federal Plantation. The Oppression of Status Quo always has it’s chorus of official apologists, as in this case, it sounds like many of King George’s Red Coats are still exercising power in D.C.
      Thank You Pastor Childress and Ms. Hawkins for daring to be Patriot’s, to take action by telling the Truth about the evil of taking the lives of the innocent yearning to be Born Free In America!
      “Live Free or Die!”, the New Hampshire Patriot’s Credo, is still on point 241 years after our 1776 Declaration of Independence from the Tyranny of the crown.