Dr. Noreen Johnson, Wife of Dr. Haywood Robinson, Has Died — A Loss for the Pro–Life Community

Update (9/7): See this update about Dr. Johnson’s memorial service, which will be held on Saturday, September 11.


Dr. Haywood Robinson and his family mourn the loss of his wife, Dr. Noreen Johnson. Her death is also a loss for the entire pro-life community.

Haywood, who is retired, is the director of Medical Affairs and Education at 40 Days for Life. He met his wife during their residency, and they both moonlighted in abortion clinics.

In a podcast for PureFlix, Haywood said that things began to change for him and Noreen when they married and moved to a conservative area. He said that God “opened our eyes to how heinous this war against babies is and He launched us on a pro-life career.”

Haywood and Noreen found Christ and left the abortion industry. They became passionate pro-lifers, protecting unborn babies. Their testimony bears witness to the power of Christ to change lives.

In a speech she gave in 2007 at the American Life League’s 2007 Training and Activism Weekend in Washington, D.C., Dr. Johnson said, “I hope you can learn from my past experiences and see how lies and deception can get someone to do things that are against his or her moral and ethical standards.”

After Noreen and her husband moved to Bryan-College Station in Texas, an older doctor asked her if she intended to perform abortions. She said yes, and he warned her she’d be known as the “abortionist” in town.

“That hit me like a dagger,” Dr. Johnson said. “It made such an impact on me because I wanted to be a respected physician in the community. However, I was still in the state of delusion and I thought I should make abortion available to women in desperate situations. I decided I wouldn’t publicize it; I would just provide abortions to close patients and friends who I thought could keep a secret. But one day a colleague down the street from my practice sent a patient to me for an abortion. And it startled me, ‘How did he know that I did abortions?’ All of a sudden my reputation was on the line and I decided to quit doing abortions.”

Daystar Network Television posted a clip of an interview with Haywood and Noreen last year:

Television producer and correspondent Simisola Okaiis posted an interview with Haywood Robinson last September. Please watch these interviews and pray for Dr. Robinson and his family during this sad time. Check back later for more information.

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  1. Prayed for Doctor Robinson and the family, lord give them peace, comfort them in this time of loss .You will be with Miss Noreen again someday their will be no more sorrow.