Public Comment on Biden’s Proposed Rule to Undo Trump’s Protections for Free Speech on Campus Ends TOMORROW

In 2020, the Trump administration issued a final rule to protect free inquiry and religious freedom on college campuses.

The Biden administration has set out to undo these and other protections for people of faith.

The U.S. Department of Education in February issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking about their plans to rescind the Trump administration’s protections. 

Under Trump, universities accepting federal grants could not deny religious student groups funding because of their religious beliefs. They would lose access to grant programs if they violated the rule.

The Biden administration seeks to rescind this section of the regulations.

Public comment for the proposed Request for Information Regarding First Amendment and Free Inquiry Related Grant Conditions ends TOMORROW.

From the Family Research Council (FRC) Action:

Sadly, universities are increasingly becoming hostile places to express your beliefs, especially those that are informed by a biblical worldview. We must stand up for the free speech and free exercise rights of American students.

It is vital that we show the Biden administration that we will not accept religious discrimination in higher education. Submit a comment now to oppose rescinding this rule!

On Friday, March 24, public comment CLOSES. Please submit your opposition to the proposed rule changes at FRC Action.

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