Race, Rage & Reconciliation — Watch Cure America with Star Parker Ep 49

Live from the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas, TX, this week’s episode of CURE America with Star Parker features pastors from the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s Clergy Center who were there with the CURE team to learn from and fellowship with the thousands of attendees and speakers. Each day of the conference, we hosted an event “Coffee, Croissants and Conversations” in which we asked our pastors to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our day that are affecting our most distressed communities.

Chicago Pastor Caesar LeFlore discussed education and policing in poor communities; former NFL football player Ryan Newsome gave his testimony about attending a Black Lives Matter rally and the burden of race and rage in our country today; and our own Board Chairman Marc Little walked us through the controversial Critical Race Theory and the concerns we as Christian should have, especially in what is being taught to our children.

The final day’s discussion lasted nearly ninety minutes as our pastors delved deep into the issues they are facing in the midst of racial tensions and violence in the country and a national debate on these issues. These pastors and thousands around the country are in need of resources and support from organizations like CURE to impact their communities and those making policy decisions in Washington.

We captured the best of these important discussions for this week’s episode. Thank you for watching and please share with friends and family.

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  1. Star, YOU are a Savior! Amen. Your Passion is helping to CURE America. Thank You.

  2. God bless you Star. We all love an appreciate you so much! I knew you way back when on FB and I knew you were going far. With God’s grace, you are now one of the mightiest voices for patriots!

  3. Amen! May God bless you and keep you and His angels watch over you – and all the bold pastors and clergy who are choosing to ponder and live the mission sparked by CURE and the Black Pastors network!!!

    Christians of goodwill cannot choose to be faithful only on Sunday. God calls us to live each moment in Truth, to the best of our abilities. Daily. In our work, leisure, food, music, friendships, social media, education, volunteering, voting, marriages and families and beyond.

    Inspiration, restoration, equipping, and sending – CURE is spreading hope and action and the ripples will spread through our culture.

    Peace be with you!