Racially-Motivated Torture in Chicago – UPDATE

UPDATE: Sources report that the four black people who tied up and tortured a white man in Chicago will be charged with a hate crime.


If four white people kidnapped a black man, tied him up, gagged him, made him drink toilet water, beat him, cut him — tortured, in other words — and shouted f*** Hillary Clinton and black people, would you say the attack was racially motivated?


Four black people did the same to a white man (with special needs) and posted it live to Facebook, but the Chicago police aren’t quite sure they want to call it a “hate crime.”

A police spokesman called the video “reprehensible” and another called it “sickening.” But it’s not a “hate crime.” Yet.

“Hate crime” is an absurd idea. If someone breaks the law, it doesn’t matter whether the act was motivated by what the criminal thinks of the victim. In a sense, all crimes are hate crimes. But since liberals believe the government should police thoughts and increase penalties based on some politically incorrect thing the perpetrator said during the act, the law must be applied equally. Under the definition of “hate crime,” what happened to that man in Chicago was obviously motivated by racial hatred.

Why are the police hesitating to declare a crime in which the black perpetrators attacked a white man and said f*** white people a hate crime? Will the outgoing president say anything about it? Will the president-elect?

Some on Twitter are using the hashtag #BLMKidnapping, implicating the Black Lives Matter movement. Here’s a more subtle tweet:

Another Twitter user has this advice:

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