Reducing Violence Among Blacks Must Start With This

By now it should be common knowledge that over 70 percent of black babies are born to unmarried women. These children grow up not living with their fathers. Children in female-headed households are at higher risk of failing to graduate high school, getting pregnant out of wedlock, being disciplined in school, and ending up in prison.

A group of black men gave their opinions about how to reduce violence among blacks. Where does it start? In the home — an intact home.

Former NFL player Reggie Bush said his father wasn’t in his life. Growing up fatherless have him an incentive to be successful and make his absent father “jealous.” He was resentful, then he realized his father grew up fatherless. His father met his father for the first time in middle age. Fathers must break this pattern.

Bush said that a lot of boys he grew up with and fellow NFL players were fatherless. But that doesn’t have to stop success.

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  1. Although this is not the popular thing to say, people need to wait to find someone compatible and that they love and marry before having children. The love of marriage and from that union children… but just to be clear, every child is a blessing.

  2. We must find a way to reverse the fatherlessness epidemic.  99% of America’s social ills can be greatly mitigated by doing this. Almost any other social remedy is nothing more than a band aid, it doesn’t address the underlying remedy of increasing healthy family units! This problem has been growing rapidly for 50 years and is no simple fix by any means. I have read countless columns on the decay of families, and that is great, but it isn’t going to be fixed by talking about it online. Each of us must be courageous enough to talk to anyone who will listen about how the importance of family is, to the health of everyone and to society! 
     95% of men in prison are from single parent (mothers) homes, 75% of blacks grow up in single parent homes, 45% of whites grow up in single parent homes, 25 of the last 26 mass shooters were from single parent homes! I don’t know about what you see, but I see a distinct correlation here to fatherlessness. 

     This is the “National Conversation” we should be having!

     Fatherlessness is our true national disgrace!
    There is plenty of blame to be shared for the blight in our inner cities, blacks, whites, conservatives and liberals! But we need to find solutions. The way I see it the first and most logical step is to find a way to restore the nucleus of the family!
Children, boys and girls alike need mothers and fathers to raise them. A large majority of children are being raised by single mothers. Without fathers inner city boys have only some male teachers, maybe a grandfather as positive roll models, and lots of drug dealers, pimps and other assorted criminals as bad but attractive role models. Why wouldn’t a boy want to emulate the local gang bangers, they carry a gun, most law abiding people fear them, they have money, jewelry and nice cars.
 Many young girls see their mothers without husbands, and learn that is the norm, to accommodate “Her man” only to have him abandon his responsibility to her and their children, and then she must rely on the Government to support them. Just like her mom. by the time these women reach their mid 20s any hope of a joyful life has passed them by.

     Children need two parents to teach them the three Rs of life ” Respect, Responsibility and Reliability”, for far too many kids their only parent is overwhelmed with just feeding, clothing them and praying for them to come home at night.
    The family unit especially the Black family is an endangered institution and will fade into oblivion unless we as Americans apply all our hearts and minds to reversing this insanity of subsidizing the fatherless home and find a way to subsidize a two parent household! Find a way to destroy the drug trade! and promote entrepenureism and other capitalistic endeavors, to encourage job growth and prosperity to these inner cities that are so horribly afflicted with the liberal government funding fatherless homes to their determent. 
     The poor in this country are victims of our own governments policies, socialistic policies of selfish politicians who offer just enough money to sustain them, but never any incentives to to improve their lot for fear of losing what the government provides.

    70 years of the war on poverty and most people in the inner cities are miserable, not because we don’t spend enough money, but because we have lost the importance of FAMILY!