Rep. John Lewis Invokes Civil Rights Movement Sit-Ins to Justify Infringing on THIS Right

Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat who fought in the 1960s-era civil rights movement, seemed to miss the irony of pushing gun control.

In what House Speaker Paul Ryan called a fundraising stunt, Democrats shouted “No bill no break.” Adult, elected politicians sat on the floor, tantrum-style, to force a vote to disarm law-abiding citizens. From Fox News:

The House adjourned around 3:15 a.m. ET Thursday, and even as Republicans left the buildings, some Democrats stayed on the House floor repeating their chant “No bill no break!” and waving papers with the names of gun victims written in black. A core group lingered for a while on the House floor wrapped in blankets and resting on pillows.

The protest finally came to an end early Thursday afternoon, hours after Republicans held a final vote on the Zika response and, save for a short upcoming session, sent lawmakers home until July 5. The sit-in lasted a total of over 25 hours.

Democrats declared success in dramatizing the arguments for action to stem gun violence, despite the failure to conjure a vote.

Rep. Lewis said he’s “delighted” and “very pleased” that President Barack Obama commended his efforts to thwart the U.S. Constitution. The congressmen invoked the civil rights movement and his participation in sit-ins. Ironically, it was the Democrats who wanted to disarm men like Rep. Lewis and others, whose struggle for full citizenship rights in their country cost lives. People fought and died to protect their constitutional rights — all of them — and Rep. Lewis demands that his government infringe on those hard-won rights.

This is what Sheriff David Clarke said at the NRA’s annual leadership forum.

“Folks, my ancestors fought hard and shed blood for the right keep and bear arms for self-defense, and I am not going to cede that right back to the federal government or any level of government, for that matter. And neither should you.”


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  1. John Lewis always remind me why term limits are so desperately needed for the U.S. Congress.

  2. Few remember that Benedict Arnold was first, an American hero. Fewer still, are aware that access to guns and a desperate disposition are why there are any black Americans in the country today.

  3. What would you expect from communists?