Rep. Joni Ernst Delivers GOP's SOTU Response

The GOP chose freshman congresswoman Joni Ernst to give the televised response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Defiant despite his party’s defeat, the president pledged to raised taxes on the “rich” and redistribute other people’s money to those he believes are more deserving.

What else is a Democrat going to say?

Rep. Ernst told the voters that the GOP “heard the message you sent in November — loud and clear. And now we’re getting to work to change the direction Washington has been taking our country.”

What issue weighs on voters’ minds? This voter wants to keep more of the money she earns. “Let’s simplify America’s outdated and loophole-ridden tax code,” Rep. Ernst said. “Republicans think tax filing should be easier for you, not just the well-connected. So let’s iron out loopholes to lower rates — and create jobs, not pay for more government spending.”

What about Obamacare?

“We’ll also keep fighting to repeal and replace a health care law that’s hurt so many hardworking families. We’ll work to correct executive overreach.”

Music to my ears.

The congresswoman spoke about protecting life and reminded Americans that we “don’t need to come from wealth or privilege to make a difference.” We need the freedom to succeed, not government programs that keep it bloated, powerful, controlling, and intrusive. Big government infringes on our freedom.

Words are nice, but it’s time for some action. The GOP must hold its leaders accountable if they fail to fulfill what the voters expect.

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