The State of the Family

blackfamilyPresident Barack Obama’s State of the Union rob-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor speech fed his base by promising tax penalties increases on the so-called rich in America.

The good news (we hope) is Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, can make sure they’re dead on arrival. The GOP can also stop his amnesty plan and repeal, or at least radically reform, Obamacare. But will they? If the midterm elections weren’t a mandate for big changes in Washington, I don’t know what is.

Class envy aside, what about faith and the family?

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins noted that while the president said teen pregnancies and abortions were down, he neglected to mention that taxpayers who oppose the killing of unborn babies still fund the slaughter through Obamacare, “which violates the conscience of millions of Americans, threatens to reverse this decline.”

“The state of our union is only as strong as the state of our family,” Perkins said. “Sadly, the President’s address tonight and his policies fail to recognize this truth. His policies continue to penalize marriage and families, which are vital to economic fairness and success. It is unfair to penalize marriage in the tax code, and it doesn’t make economic sense.”

President Obama attempts to draw in the country’s middle class by appealing to them as “hardworking Americans.” Yet he continues to undermine the values that build and maintain strong families. With his new-found support for the weakening of the union between one man and one woman currently called marriage and support for abortion (even infanticide, aka, partial-birth abortion), without any awareness of the irony.

“A government able to bankrupt people for standing by their beliefs, on marriage, life, or any other matter of conscience, is a government of unbridled power and a threat to everyone’s freedom,” Perkins said. “We must pray and act for a spiritual, moral, and cultural renewal in our nation. That may not be the message the President wants to bring to the American people, but it’s the message our country needs to hear.”

A nation is more than the money that moves through it. Feel-good ideas about a “free” college education, raising the minimum wage, and generally confiscating other people’s money for ill-conceived programs won’t strengthen families or uphold the kind of values that made this country the best in the world.

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