Report: Brooklyn School Handed Out Passing Grades To Boost Graduation Rate

john-dewey-high-school1Unsatisfied with the high rate of failure among students, administrators at one Brooklyn, N.Y., high school decided to address the issue. According to developing reports, however, the method by which they sought to reverse the trend had little to do with improved teaching methods and everything to do with deception.

John Dewey High School is currently under investigation for reportedly giving failing students a free pass to graduate by distributing unearned passing grades. As part of the program, the school allegedly allowed students to earn credit for watching movies, playing games, and completing similarly recreational activities.

In addition to leading students in such questionable assignments, critics say the school is in violation of state law by allowing teachers to grade students in courses for which they are unlicensed to do so.

As a result, one unnamed source told the New York Post that a “major investigation” has been launched into “a large number of staffers and student grades” involved in the alleged scheme.

Students at the school reportedly refer to the alternate graduation path as “Easy Pass,” a moniker some local sources feel is warranted.

“It’s a bogus way of improving the graduation rate,” said former teacher and union representative Martin Haber.

He went on to explain the controversial alternative grew out of an increased effort by administrators to make sure teachers “pass as many students as possible.”

Though the local education department confirmed an investigation had been launched into the allegations, representatives declined to elaborate. If true, it appears the effort at least achieved the intended goal. While just over half of all Dewey seniors graduated in 2009, that number grew to nearly three in four just four years later.

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  1. nothing like setting up our future generations for failure and dependency…school vouchers. No way! Passing grades for playing video games? Yes, please! What a way to control and manipulate an entire race….there is a special place in hell for people who hurt children…this painful to watch..