Report: The Facts & Lies Targeting Black America

The Center for Urban Renewal and Education has released a report titled, Distorted Data: The Facts & Lies Targeting Black America (PDF). An excerpt:

“Political rhetoric will no doubt amp up as the election nears this fall. For President Biden and the Democratic Party, messaging will especially be targeted towards one of their most vital voting blocs – black Americans.

“However, the prevailing messaging from President Biden and the Party can diverge significantly from the true state of black America, the significant issues needing to be addressed, and the progress achieved thus far. Much of the liberal narrative tends to exaggerate their efforts to uplift the black community, often relying on data that is either decades old or misleading. Sometimes, there’s simply no use of data at all.

“This not only distorts the current challenges facing black Americans but also undermines genuine analysis and problem-solving. How can effective solutions be formulated when the narrative is skewed by misinformation? How buried do the legitimate issues currently facing the black community become?”

This is important work. Read the full report here.

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