South Carolina Bans Puberty Blockers and Mutilation Surgery for Minors — HELP NOT HARM

“Medical” professionals in South Carolina are barred from giving minors puberty-blocking or other hormone drugs or performing any mutilation surgery, effective immediately.

The legislature passed a bill called “Help Not Harm,” which protects children who might be peer-pressured into joining the “transgender” trend and permanently damaging their bodies.

According to Greenville Online, doctors will be charged with a felony if they perform mutilation surgery on people under 18. From the site (emphasis added):

Under the new bill, minors can still be prescribed puberty blockers or hormone therapy to treat certain conditions like precocious puberty or endometriosis.

The new law also bans the South Carolina Medicaid program from providing coverage for gender reassignment surgery or hormone therapy to adults and minors.

Precocious puberty and endometriosis are actual medical conditions, unlike “feeling” like someone of the opposite sex or, for example, wanting to cut your breasts off.

Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill on Tuesday.

“I signed the Help Not Harm bill into law, which protects our state’s children from irreversible gender transition procedures and bans public funds from being used for them,” he wrote on X. “I look forward to joining legislators and supporters at a ceremonial bill signing in the Upstate next week.”

Greenville Online reported that the new law also requires government school principals and vice principals to tell parents the truth about their children’s mental health. They must report when a child claims to be the opposite sex and uses opposite-sex pronouns.

Protect our children! Join us in this fight and help spread the word.

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