Revoked: Obama’s ‘Transgender’ Restroom Directive Goes Down the Drain

Earlier this month, the Trump administration withdrew the Obama administration’s request to limit the scope of a nationwide injunction against “guidance” to allow males to enter female restrooms and other private facilities in government schools.

Some speculated this move signaled the Trump administration’s intention not to defend Barack Obama’s “transgender” restroom directive.

The Department of Justice made its intentions clear this week by canceling those so-called guidelines. From Fox News:

A document submitted to the Supreme Court by the Solicitor General’s office said that the Obama-era directive issued this past May did not “undergo any formal public process” or explain how the directive was “consistent with the express language of Title IX,” the federal law outlawing sex discrimination in education and activities.

“This is an issue best solved at the state and local level,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said. “Schools, communities, and families can find — and in many cases have found — solutions that protect all students.”

A federal judge issued the injunction, ruling that the executive branch overstepped its authority redefining federal law to include “gender identity” in protections against sex-based discrimination.

The Trump administration believes the issue should be a matter for the states, not central government.

Conservatives hailed the change, saying the Obama directives were illegal and violated the rights of fixed-gender students, especially girls who did not feel safe changing clothes or using restrooms next to anatomical males.

“Our daughters should never be forced to share private, intimate spaces with male classmates, even if those young men are struggling with these issues,” said Vicki Wilson, a member of Students and Parents for Privacy. “It violates their right to privacy and harms their dignity.”

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