Robert Alexander: Another Negligent Abortionist

RAlexander-HearingA year ago, a jury found abortionist Kermit Gosnell guilty of murdering a woman and several babies born alive after failed abortions. Gosnell’s abortion mill hadn’t been inspected by the government for 17 years.

Among other things, the world learned that he’d used untrained staff, and the conditions were unsanitary. Sources reported that there was blood on the floor and on blankets the women used. Unlicensed staff administered drugs, equipment was outdated, instruments weren’t sterile, and on and on. The 73-year-old infant murderer, sentenced to life, will likely die in prison.

Who knows how many people like Kermit Gosnell are killing babies as I write this? He slipped through the inspection cracks. Operation Rescue reports on the “Gosnell of Michigan,” Robert Alexander, who killed babies in similar conditions. His negligence was discovered in 2012 after police responded to an alarm.

Alexander actually accused Operation Rescue and other pro-lifers of setting him up, staging the scene to discredit him. After a hearing on the matter, an administrative judge wrote: “I do not find that Robert Lewis Alexander is a credible witness. I do not find this man to be honest or trustworthy. At each turn, [Alexander] blamed someone else for the conditions found at his medical clinic. Two previous employees credibly testified that the conditions shown in the eighty-plus photographs…were the conditions that existed every day while this man operated his clinic and performed medical services.”

The state revoked Alexander’s medical license twice (although he got it back), and he’s a convicted felon.

Photo credit: Lynn Mills

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