School District Fired Feminist School Counselor for Saying ‘Transgenderism’ Ideology Harms Children

Keep these lawsuits coming. This is all-out war. We have no choice but to continue fighting for our rights to believe what we want to believe and say what we want to say without losing our jobs or being “cancelled.”

And we should support individuals like Marissa Darlingh who face blatant discrimination.

We are now in the era of a dystopian nightmare. Leftists are fighting as hard as they can not only to suppress truth but to force us to say that a lie is the truth. Do you say 2+2=4? WRONG. Leftists will try to pummel you with the force of the government to make you say and believe that 2+2=5.

Darlingh, who calls herself a feminist, was a school counselor in the Milwaukee Public School District. Because she said that “gender identity” ideology harms children at a feminist rally, the school district fired her. Darlingh filed a lawsuit. From her legal counsel,the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL):

A group protesting the rally organized a campaign to get Ms. Darlingh fired from her job for her short speech. As she later learned, her supervisor immediately began an “investigation” in response to a few emails from these individuals, none of whom claimed to have any connection to the District or any knowledge of Ms. Darlingh’s work. The investigation revealed that her speech had little impact on her school or students between April and June, and that many students in her school viewed her as their favorite teacher in the school.

According to WILL, the district’s HR department investigated Darlingh, suspended her, and issued a no-trespass order at the end of the school year. Darlingh tried to resolve the matter, but in a show of obvious violation of her rights, administrators fired her.

Darlingh wants her job back, back-pay, and damages from the school district for violating her constitutional rights.

“As a private citizen, I have the right to express my views concerning gender ideology on my own time, and identifying myself as a school counselor doesn’t negate that right,” Darlingh said. “My speech had little to no impact on my students, their educational experience or our therapeutic relationship. The basis of my unscripted speech stemmed from my desire to protect children.”

We’re on the side of anyone who wants to protect children.

Photo credit: By J. Verkuilen – IMG_0051, CC BY 2.0, link

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  1. Sue the school district, and all connected to her termination, until they are homeless and penniless. This kind of harassment has gone on for way too long.
    Those who tell the truth are being systematically denied their constitutional rights and this needs to be stopped.
    At the conclusion of the lawsuit, she should be able to retire in comfort to a warmer place.
    Just sayin’.

  2. The cancel culture strikes again when they don’t agree with something or someone. Way past over due that we tolerate this.