A Christian Teacher Said She Will Not Lie to Parents About Students’ ‘Transgender’ Issues — The School District Said It Will Not Renew Her Contract

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. – Exodus 20:16

The God of the Bible forbids us from doing all sorts of things that are abhorrent to Him, including having other gods before Him, making idols, committing murder and theft, and bearing false witness.

A Christian physical education teacher in California refused to break the Ninth Commandment and lie to parents about students’ mental health. In addition, she refused to affirm “transgender” lies and allow boys to enter the girls’ locker room.

For these reasons, the school refused to renew her contract. The notice under the letterhead of Trenton Hansen, superintendent of the Jurupa Unified School District, stated that the school district couldn’t accommodate her beliefs about the gender policy.

Jessica Tapia told Fox News that she knew she’d have to choose between obeying the school district or staying true to her faith. For a believer, that decision is easy, though the consequences often are not. Tapia said she doesn’t believe God calls us to sow confusion and affirm lies.

The school district sent a statement to Fox News Digital:

“The District denies the allegations raised by Ms. Tapia. The District takes seriously its obligation to accommodate its employee’s religious beliefs. Simultaneously, the District is obligated to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, including anti-discrimination laws and laws that protect students’ rights to privacy, which are in place to protect the nearly 2,500 employees and 18,000 students we serve. We cannot comment further on personnel matters,” the statement reads.

Lying goes against the values of honesty and integrity, values that people in government schools apparently think are unimportant. A student dealing with “transgender” issues, whether brought on by peer pressure or actual gender dysphoria, is something parents need to know. Tapia actually cares about these students; the secret-keepers do not.

Tapia intends to sue.

Fox asked the school district to respond to Tapia’s accusation that teachers should lie to parents. Instead of dealing with the direct question, however, the district sent this:

“The District is required to comply with all state and federal laws, including the California Education Code which guarantees a student’s right to participate in sex-segregated school activities and to use facilities consistent with the student’s gender identity, regardless of the gender listed on the student’s records,” they told Fox News Digital. “The District is also obligated to protect a student’s right to privacy which is guaranteed by state and federal antidiscrimination laws and the California Constitution. The District will continue to protect the rights of all students and staff as required by law.”

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One comment

  1. Yes. Sue the school district and all the useless administrators who came up with the decision to fire this teacher.
    Lying to the parents of the students who have difficulty in school is not covered by any laws, and, if it is then that needs to change.
    Wait a minute. Forgot. Its California, home of the fruits, nuts and flakes. This nonsense is just an extension of how goofy the government has become in that once beautiful state.
    Where I this teacher, I’d sue the whole bunch of ’em, then move to TX, where she would be appreciated.
    Just sayin’.