Scott Lively: The LGBT Movement Has Gone Too Far

The Gone 2 Far Movement (G2F) is a national coalition of pro-family organizations and activists, formed to educate the public about the dangers of HR5, the “Equality Act,” which would protect and promote homosexuality and transgenderism to children under federal law by adding these behaviors to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. HR5 has been given top priority by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wants it passed by “Gay Pride” month in June, and so G2F urges the public to call their member of congress NOW to oppose it.

However, for Christians and Torah-Faithful Jews, the spiritual battle is much bigger than the political one. G2F believes the LGBT movement and agenda has gone too far by fostering a culture of increasing sexual anarchy and moral corruption in America and declaring themselves proud of the social chaos they have caused. In response, G2F has declared the month of May to be PRIDE FALL month for 2019 and annually hereafter for as many years as “Gay Pride” persists.

During PRIDE FALL (#PrideFall), Bible-believing churches and Torah-faithful synagogues speak against the sin of pride and remind everyone of God’s urgent warning in Proverbs 16:18 that “Pride comes before a fall.” G2F has chosen May as PRIDE FALL month because it immediately precedes “Gay Pride” month, centerpiece of a marketing campaign for LGBT normalization that urges people to view pride as a virtue and not a sin, when it is the worst of the “Seven Deadly Sins” and the one most closely associated with Satan in the Old and New Testaments. Sexual rebellion against God is nothing to be proud of.

G2F is asking everyone to observe PRIDE FALL month by reaching out to the sexually and gender disordered with the Bible’s message of hope and healing in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, and the warnings in Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1: 24-32.

G2F is also promoting PRIDE FALL as a month to demand that the LGBT movement stop using God’s rainbow as its symbol, because it creates the false impression that God endorses forms of sexual conduct which He actually condemns.

G2F has created rainbow-themed billboards for use during PRIDE FALL that anyone can use in their own
community by arrangement with media vendors at local ad rates. Contact for more information.

Dr. Scott Lively founded Scott Lively Ministries. He’s a member of the organizing committee of Gone 2 Far, an organization opposed to the homosexual agenda and committed to protect the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom. Contact Dr. Lively at

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  1. Being homosexual is more likely a genetic mutation than a source of pride. Should there be “Colorblind Pride,” or “Hemophilia Pride”? If one is burdened with a gene mutation, you do your best to live despite it, but you don’t try to make it out as preferable to normality. Everything, by definition, is natural. But everything is most certainly not normal.

  2. Mikey,
    Pick up a text book or two. Do a little research. Homosexuality is a small but fairly steady statistically significant minority stretching back decades in every nation's population to Biblical times. This is not a "genetic mutation" but a " statistically normal " segment of every nation's population. While the "nature vs nurture" thesis goes unproven but hotly debated, it remains a natural condition of humanity. Humanity has a steady flow of homosexuals in very race and population world wide.This fact makes homosexuality a natural condition of all peoples. This condition is "most certainly normal" to paraphrase you.

  3. Jake,

    You might want to ponder the simple biological fact that homosexual behavior is an evolutionary dead end, as it produces no offspring. That alone makes it abnormal.

    The homo lobby likes to claim that 10% of people are “gay.” It’s actually more like 3%. And a lot of them got that way because of childhood traumas, including the lack of a father in the home and being sexually molested as children. Not something we ought to be encouraging in any way, let alone taking pride in!