Sheriff David Clarke: Baltimore Mayor's Fatal Errors

As I wrote in the previous post, it’s going to be a long summer. Emboldened criminals. Wary police. The people who’ll face the worst of the crime wave will be those in poor, inner-city neighbhorhoods. Congratulations, liberals.

Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox News to talk to Bill Hemmer about the surge of violence and who he thinks bears the blame.

“This is a manifestation of Barack Obama’s 21st century transformation of American policing. Look, Bill, Baltimore is in crisis…because of a failure leadership, starting at the top with the [Baltimore] mayor. The mayor made several fatal errors in the days following the death of Freddie Gray.”

The sheriff said her stand-down order was the first fatal error. Then she “wrapped herself around Al Sharpton” after the riots. She reversed her assessment that the lawless rioters were “thugs” because of criticism. (The truth sometimes hurts.) The mayor’s final fatal error was calling in Obama’s Justice Department, “throwing her police department overboard” and blaming them for the destruction.

Sheriff Clarke recommends the mayor go to each police precinct and apologize, then make a public apology.

Think she’ll do it? A mayor who cares about the people — keeping them safe — would do it. Watch the video to find out what else Sheriff Clarke recommends for the crime-ridden city.

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  1. Where is this photo op babe’s mind at, not in her head, she needs a different job.This city will be another Detroit with her help and it won’t take long.