Sheriff David Clarke: Blacks in Chicago Dropping Like Flies, and This Is What Rahm Emanuel Focuses On

Is President-elect Donald Trump considering outspoken lawman Sheriff David Clarke for a position in Homeland Security? Inquiring minds…

The sheriff appeared on Fox News to talk law, order, and the new president. Lou Dobbs began the discussion with this question: What can Donald Trump do to stop the war on cops?

First, Trump can reinstate the 1033 program, which Sheriff Clarke said would allow law enforcement agencies to obtain surplus equipment to keep officers safe — ballistic shields and vests, armored vehicles, etc.

Second, name an attorney general who’ll see the local law enforcement officer as an ally instead of an adversary. Sheriff Clarke said the president-elect has done so already with his choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions to head his administration’s Department of Justice.

Sheriff Clarke said we can also change the narrative. “This false narrative. This anti-police narrative that’s been spread across the country over the last two years, which has contributed toward people feeling that they are emboldened now.” Perpetrators used to think of outrunning the cops first, he added, but now they shoot first.

“Donald Trump has been unwavering in his support for the American law enforcement officer. We have a friend in the White House now [!]. We’re going to have a friend in the Attorney General’s Office, and that will at least usher in a new narrative.”

Dobbs mentioned that 700 people have been shot dead in Chicago so far this year, and the city’s mayor, Rahm Emaneul, is focused on protecting illegal aliens living there in violation of U.S. law. Dobbs called it madness.

Sheriff Clarke agreed. He said over 3,000 people were shot in Chicago in non-fatal shootings.

“Apparently he has his priorities all screwed up,” he said. “Black people are dropping like flies, and Rahm Emanuel is focusing on illegal immigrants. That is a slap in the face to the great people in the city of Chicago as well as the Chicago Police Department.”

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  1. Emanuel is just like the community organizer he idolizes, the only time they organize is to tear down the Republic. Both are probably the illegitimate offspring of George Soros.
    Keep the truth out there Sheriff Clarke.

  2. What happened to all of the people who were demanding that Rahm Emanuel needed to step down or be fired? I don’t hear anymore about it, but alll BLM seems to focus on is complaining about cops shooting black people. I agree that the young man who was walking down the street holding a knife was murdered by a responding cop. I don’t understand how that could EVER be construed as self-defense! However, it IS curious that the same people demanding justice for this man, do not continue to demand that Rahm Emanuel needs to go! The National Guard should called in to protect the law-abiding citizens!