Sheriff David Clarke Debunks Media's 'White Supremacist' Danger Narrative

Are some black Americans now afraid for their lives because of the Charleston murders? Bill O’Reilly asked Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee whether he sees it that way. The sheriff reminded O’Reilly that he doesn’t speak for all black people, and that individuals perceive danger in different ways. He said that he doesn’t live in fear.

“A person’s fear and danger perception has to be based on rationalization. I’d face more danger, and I’d feel more danger, putting on my uniform every day and going into the American ghetto to police.”

Sheriff Clarke said that he’s talked to a lot of black crime victims, who “face more fear and danger at the hands of other black people…than they do from some anomaly, an outlier, where some kook goes into a church and sprays the place up with bullets, killing people who are in prayer.”

Apparently to get a “white supremacy” conversation going for what I assume are ratings, O’Reilly asked the sheriff whether he came across these people. Sheriff Clarke actually laughed and called it “hyperbole and…demagoguery.” It’s about stoking animosity and division among the people.

O’Reilly tried a different approach and asked the sheriff if he dealt will “hate crimes.” Sheriff Clarke said he has problems with so-called hate crime statutes.

“Hate is an emotion, as you know,” the sheriff said, “and it’s not something we’re going to be able to legislate or prosecute our way out of. But I don’t experience that here in the Milwaukee area, no.”

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