WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke on Spiking Murder Rate in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News to talk about the “Ferguson Effect” crime rate in his city. The reasons include budget cuts, which mean fewer sheriff’s deputies and police officers.

“But you couple that with the fact that there has been this social engineering experiment going on with our criminal justice system,” the sheriff said. “It’s been masqueraded as sentencing reform, prison reform, criminal justice reform. It has tried to eliminate the use of jail and prison as a crime control tool, so cops go out, they arrest these career criminals [who’re] quickly spit back out onto the street into these communities to re-offend, to claim law-abiding and other black people’s lives.”

And then officers take fewer crime-fighting risks because of the constant cop bashing. The sheriff said that although the police won’t quit on these communities, they’re hesitating now.

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One comment

  1. Perzactilly so! All the ‘fuzzy wuzzies’ safely ensconced in their gated communities, venturing out only with their ‘armed’ entourage, continue the cry of “police brutality,” “police using excessive force,” are now wondering why ANARCHY seems to be the result when ‘their’ “milky-toast” approach to crime prevention is the order of the day!