Sheriff David Clarke On the Government’s Racial Double Standards

On a recent Fox News appearance, Sheriff David Clarke talked about the election, inciting violence, firebombing, and police officers.

One incident he commented on was people in the audience at the Al Smith charity dinner in New York City booing Donald Trump.

“When you’re campaigning, every moment is a chance to campaign,” the sheriff said. “You can’t let one moment go by. I expected [Trump and Hillary Clinton] to seize that moment. I think he did a better job, Donald Trump, than she did, but good for him.”

For those asking for more civility in politics, Sheriff Clarke said, “When has it ever been civil?” Whether we like it or not, politics is a cut-throat business and a contact sport.

The sheriff said the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been corrupted at the highest levels.

For example, he called the firebombing of a Republican campaign office in North Carolina “white voter intimidation. But had someone firebombed an NAACP voter registration office and wrote racial epithets on the side of the building, “Barack Obama would have had a major news conference, [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch would have had a major news conference, and I’ll tell you right now, she would have said DOJ Civil Rights Division investigators are on their way to North Carolina to investigate voter intimidation, voter disenfranchisement.”

The sheriff said the racial double standards make DOJ and government at the highest levels illegitimate.

Regarding the incident where a suspect beat a female police officer because she was afraid to use her gun, the sheriff said he warned about the “Ferguson effect” and how cops would be less assertive with suspects.

Watch the brief clip to hear Sheriff Clarke’s advice to police officers.

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  1. I’m with Sheriff Clark, voter intimidation is Voter Intimidation, it doesn’t matter what color it concerns! And yes Black Lives Matter! But what’s wrong with All Lives or better yet?, How about good lives? Yeah, that sounds good! ALL GOOD LIVES MATTER! AMEN.