Sheriff David Clarke Reminds Us That He Warned About ‘War on Cops’

Sheriff David Clarke called last week’s shooting of five members of law enforcement “just beyond belief.”

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton exploited the recent police-involved shootings of black men. “Horrible situations, no doubt,” the sheriff said. But the president “has no evidence, research, or data to support any [implication] of disparate treatment by the American police officer.”

The president didn’t cause the present climate, Sheriff Clarke said, but he fuels this kind of misplaced anger.

Is there a war on cops?

The sheriff said this almost two years ago, and people thought he was being “over the top…but he American police officer knows it has. This is just another ugly chapter in that war.”

How can police prepare for these kind of attacks?

You can’t prepare for an ambush like the one in Dallas.

“We understand the dangers inherent in this sort of work,” Sheriff Clarke said. “But when somebody is going to set you up to ambush you, there’s really not much you can do.”

The outspoken lawman, not a fan of President Barack Obama, said the president usually comments about police shootings of black men without knowing the facts. Without any foundation, he talked about racism and disparate treatment. He’s armed with powerful words, and he uses those words irresponsibly.

“It fuels this sort of anger toward the American police officer, and I wish he’d knock it off.”

Watch the brief clip to find out what Sheriff Clarke had to say about Jesse Jackson…and Donald Trump.

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