Sheriff David Clarke Said Obama Sent Wrong Message At Howard U Graduation

President Barack Obama was the commencement speaker at Howard University, a historically black college. (Note his use of “ebonics.”) He said one of his biggest pet peeves is that successful people don’t know realize they’ve been lucky. Does he believe successful people can’t take credit for their success?

“He doesn’t believe in human potential,” Sheriff David Clarke said on Sean Hannity’s show. “He doesn’t believe in a person’s ability to work hard, persevere, overcome obstacles, and go on to reach greatness.”

We’re not all equal, the sheriff said. God blesses us in different ways. Sheriff Clarke said it wasn’t luck that got him through a program at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. He worked hard. If anyone had told him at commencement that he’d been lucky, he’d have been insulted.

“It’s just the wrong message to give young minds coming out of college,” the sheriff said. You’re going to fail sometimes, but get up and try again. “Don’t blame racism, don’t blame the world for not being fair. It should have been that kind of message. That’s what young people need to hear. But of course, he never misses an opportunity to play the race card.”


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  1. Mr. Clarke is truly a strange man. President Obama was absolutely correct, luck does play a part in being successful. Mr. Clarke, what planet are you living on???

  2. Max…luck plays a part but the bigger part is played by the character traits Sherriff Clarke enumerates.

    • Sheriff Clarke has a point about hard work. Black people have always had to work a little harder than the next person. And we “get up” when we fall…as a people we’ve had no other choice. Luck and good fortune play a role in everyone’s life. Sure the Sheriff worked hard in Navy postgraduate school. He had to, just like every Black person in history who had big dreams and overcame barriers to achieve them.

  3. I truly believe to understand your worth, purpose, your talents and abilities, and to work hard to nurture and build on these gifts will propel individuals to success. You cannot sit on your laurels – go for it. You will have success, growth , learning experiences (good and bad), and blessings. I choose these words. Obviously, Obama believes its by shear luck he ascended to where he is today!