Sheriff David Clarke: This is What President Trump Might Have to Do About North Korea

Sheriff David Clarke is back!

Sources reported that North Korea has successfully created a nuclear warhead and threatened the United States. President Donald Trump said the totalitarian country “will be met with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen” if the country acts on any threats.

The sheriff recently appeared on Fox News to weigh on the North Korea fiasco. One thing President Trump won’t do, Sheriff Clarke said, is “sit back and blame the other administrations” for what’s happening. He’s going deal with it.

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  1. You are correct David Clarke and something needs to be done and soon. I am also glad Trump is in office and he knows what needs to be done. Little Kim in NK needs to be stopped. Who would disagree with that? We shall see.

  2. Harry S. Truman made similar remarks in 1945, pending an American invasion of Tokyo. The “rain of ruin” didn’t occur via boots on the ground, but his words did come true. Let’s pray we don’t have to resort to such measures again, because this time tens of millions of people will surely die.