Sheriff David Clarke: What Chicago Police Have to Deal With Because of Black Lives Matter and ACLU

Sheriff David Clarke, outspoken lawman and defender of the American police officer, is ready for 2017.

He said recently on Fox News that Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, has no sense of urgency about violent crime and death in his city. We’re not hearing anything from the governor or the state attorney general. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama have been absent.

“Only in the America ghetto, Sean, could this kind of carnage go on with no sort of emergency measures put in place,” the sheriff said. “If 762 people died in an earthquake, or 762 died in spring flooding in the midwest, or if 762 people died in a hurricane in the southeast, there is no way that everybody would stand by twiddling their thumbs. That’s the problem here: no sense of urgency.”

The Chicago police aren’t the problem, Sheriff Clarke said. Rahm Emanuel has allowed Black Lives Matter and the ACLU to “run the Chicago police department.” These groups “are setting policy, procedure, and standard operating [procedure].”

Sean Hannity mentioned what Rudy Guiliani did as mayor of New York City with stop and frisk. His efforts helped save black people’s lives. Can’t Chicago do something similar?

Sheriff Clarke said all the police would have to do is implement the “broken windows,” “order and maintenance” type of policing.

“But you can’t do that when Blacks Lives Matter and the ACLU have set standard operating procedures that don’t let Chicago police officers on the street do it.”

Listen to Sheriff Clarke describe what police in Chicago have to do after every stop. He called it “unbelievable.”

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