Sheriff David Clarke’s Advice to Trump Supporters At Violent Rallies – This Could Work

Donald Trump’s rallies have turned violent, thanks to the haters. They assault people. They burn the flag of the greatest country on the planet and display a flag from a country their families fled.

Sheriff David Clarke said these aren’t protests, but “organized violence” and a “system of intimidation and criminality.”

And he’s fed up with it.

He’s tired of seeing the violence against Trump supporters “and other people who are engaging in constitutionally protected activity to participate in a rally in a Democratic state to choose the next president of the United States.”

Sheriff Clarke called the violence and intimidation civil rights violations.

“Why isn’t [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch dispatching civil rights lawyers to investigate these violations? Probably because she has them all looking at the police in the [cities] of Chicago, Baltimore, and Milwaukee.”

The police can’t be omnipresent, he added, so Trump supporters have to be in a better position to defend themselves. What does that mean?

“They have to be better organized,” Sheriff Clarke said. “They have to utilize social media and say ‘Hey, anybody going to the Trump rally tonight? A group of us are meeting over here. We’ll go down there in a group.'”

Arrive in packs, and make sure you have a couple of “enforcers” in these groups. He said women should have a couple of able-bodied men with them — “preferably ones that have thrown a punch or two” before — to defend against Trump-hater violence.

Listen to what the sheriff said would happen if a protester so much as snatched a hat off his head or a sign out of his hand. If you like those comments, you’ll probably like what he said about San Jose’s police chief and the mayor.

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  1. I gotta disagree. Not that I’m a pacifist but a street brawl is exactly what they’re looking for. Let’s put that post Iraq military equipment that the police have received to use. Some of this is a result of the hobbling of police departments by the political left. The rioters know the police are hobbled and take advantage of it.

    • Exactly so. ‘Controlled Force’ is what is required. These metropolitan cities should be employing the NY op (operation plan) for crowd control. Without that, escalation, ultimately resulting in deaths, is what they are inviting.

    • You missed the point. the thugs go after the weak and people alone. There is strength in numbers. Go in a tight group, put big guys who can fight out as guards not to fight but to discourage the thugs from fighting. The thugs are cowards who attack is numbers so they don’t get hurt.

  2. Somewhat surprised that Sheriff Clarke is advocating “escalation.” I think the “thugs” should be contained by any city where Trump is scheduled – if that requires calling out the National Guard, as Clarke would say, “so be it!” Containing these ‘paid’ instigators is the ONLY key to ensuring the safety of all. That means separating them from the event and KEEPING them there, much the same way they accomplish crowd control in NY, fence them off!

    I do NOT go to any of these events, not because I fear the violence, because I am ARMED at all times, and to prevent anyone from accessing my weapon ‘might’ mean I would have to start piling them up like cord wood in the streets – 15 here, 10 there! THAT would be my result of escalating the violence….joining some melee where you can be killed by a single punch, probably from behind, is not my preferred plan.

    Hated phrase, my bottom line reads, city planners BETTER get their collective acts together and do a better job at “crowd control!” As the Sheriff points out, it is just a matter of time until someone dies.

    • I didn’t hear him call for escalation. I heard him call for being prepared which means have a plan, don’t be out there alone. Choose not to be a victim. There is strength in numbers. Those thugs are cowards by themselves. Defending yourself and those with you is not escalation it is defense against attackers. A better choice than pulling a gun would be a stun gun. One shot from your gun and you are in court.