Sheriff David Clarke’s Wish for ‘Black Lives Matter’ — They Probably Won’t Like It!

When a member of law enforcement who spoke at last week’s DNC convention asked for a moment of silence for murdered police officers, shouts of “Black Lives Matter” could be heard in the audience.

Sheriff David Clarke called them “slimy people” and the ideology hateful. The so-called Black Lives Matter protesters preach hate and violence in the name of virtue.

“That is a separatist movement,” the sheriff said. “We’ve gotten away from that in the United States. The American people decided they don’t put up with that crap anymore. Now compare and contrast that to the Republican National Convention.”

Sheriff Clarke talked about Donald Trump’s “Make America Safe Again” theme, which includes everyone who wants to be safe from terrorists and other criminals. He said when he hears what Black Lives Matter protesters say, it reinforces his warnings.

“I’ve been on this movement, this hateful ideology…for the last several years trying to slap it down, because it’s dangerous, it’s hateful, and I wish the Southern Poverty Law Center would add them to the list of hate groups in America.”

The Clinton campaign has made it clear, the sheriff said. “One of their themes was compassion for criminals.” Those men made into martyrs were resisting arrest or involved in some criminal act before the police killed them. The sheriff said he’s tired of Hillary Clinton, “who thinks so little of black people” and acts as if we don’t have the intellectual capacity and the discipline to “adapt mainstream cultural values, cultural norms.”

Should blacks be given a behavioral pass? The sheriff contended that black people, more than anyone else, understand how destructive criminal behavior and growing up fatherless can be.

The Fox News host brought up Trump’s law and order theme. We live by agreed-upon rules to maintain law and order in this country, Sheriff Clarke said. Law and order transcend race, sex, religion, etc. Everybody wants to be safe. This is a unifying theme, especially at a time when crime is up.

“And you know who’s on the receiving end more times than not? Good law-abiding black people are victimized, and unfortunately by other black people.”

Sheriff Clarke said he recently spoke with the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police and individual members of law enforcement across the country. What do they have to say about the present anti-police climate?

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  1. “I wish the Southern Poverty Law Center would add them to the list of hate groups in America.”

    Sheriff, the SPLC — known by many here in Alabama as the Southern Preposterous Lie Cabal — is a money-raising shill for the American left.

    • I’m only guessing, but I think the sheriff was being sarcastic. 😉

      • Christopher Richey

        Even if he wasn’t, he understands the impact that group has on the mainstream (i.e. Liberal) conversation. I give him credit for that. Sheriff Clark is a rare breed. He is not just a patriot. He is an enlightened person. The combination makes his contribution to our country precious.

        I do not believe that he expects the SPLC to take him up on his recommendation. But, just by putting the challenge out there, he puts them in a position to decide one way or the other.

        He knows what he is doing…and he is good at it. We need many, many more like him…and like Starr Parker…and I believe they are out there.