Slavery Reparations? Deneen Borelli Gets Personal!

Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, and former Housing and Urban Development secretary Julian Castro, have hopped on the reparations-for-slave-descendants bandwagon.

The Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli’s notes how ridiculous implementation of reparations would be and “so wrong on so many levels.”

Borelli’s husband is white. Does that mean he should give her a reparations check?

“Sounds good to me!” she said.

But Borelli’s husband’s family was in Italy during American slavery. Why would descendants of legal immigrants have to pay reparations?

Of course, the check would come from the government, so her husband, the white guy, would also benefit from reparations.

“And then there’s this question,” Borelli said. “Who is really black?” The government would have to do DNA tests, which would mean more government intrusion.

Warren, who pretended to be an American Indian, is also open to reparations for American Indians. Would she get a check, too?

These potential presidential candidates are “desperately seeking black votes,” and they believe supporting reparations will help them stand out in a crowded field.

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  1. I am a mean nasty old cop and I confess that I have a sharp tongue and a warped mind and I will have you know I am not stupid because when I was a little boy I was listening to the radio with my father and Edward R. Murrow was interviewing Drew Pearson who a newspaper column called “Washington Merry Go Round”. Edward R. Murrow asked Drew Pearson why he named his column “Washington Merry Go Round”. Drew Pearson replied “My father always said that every good circus needed a good merry go round and there is no circus that has more clowns than congress.” If anyone needs proof of this of this take the case of Senator Kamala Devi Harris even Wikipedia helps keep her dirty little secrets while they mention her mother Dr. Shyamala Harris a great deal they seem to neglect her father Donald Harris a brilliant economist who does not tolerate Senator Kamala Devi Harris nonsense and tells her off at every opportunity.

  2. If this policy was adopted they would have to put Jesse Jackson in charge. He is the authority of who has “slave blood” and who does not.