Solutions for Saving Our Country (Part 2) — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

This week on CURE America with Star Parker, we want to remind you the Center for Urban Renewal & Education’s (CURE) previous National Policy Summits in Washington D.C.

Our summit in October promises to continue the tradition of fellowship and collaboration with more than 60 pastors from across the country who serve in our most distressed communities. We were honored to have some of the nation’s leading policy experts share their invaluable insights on the pressing issues of our time.

Last time, we featured former Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, and this time, we shine the spotlight on CURE Board Member, T.W. Shannon, the former Oklahoma Speaker of the House, who now serves as President and CEO of the Chickasaw Community Bank. His stirring speech resonates deeply as America grapples with division and uncertainty.

Additionally, we share a segment of a panel discussion on Policing in Poor Communities, moderated by CURE Board Member and former Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell. The panel included Pastor Walter Moss, Project Director of the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence in Canton, Ohio, and Jason Johnson, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund. In light of the challenges facing law enforcement and the calls for changes in police departments, this discussion offers essential information for pastors and faith leaders looking to make a positive impact in their communities.

Join us once more next week for further coverage of CURE’s National Policy Summit.

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