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englishonlyBeyond communication, there are several reasons why speaking English in America is beneficial: doing so promotes assimilation, unity and success. So why would the Obama administration issue a joint policy statement from his departments of Education and Health and Human Services advising educators to instruct children in the language they speak at home, if it’s different from English? Because King Obama prefers these bilingual students retain separate cultural attachments and remain un-American. Unbelievable!

As The Daily Signal reported, the Obama administration warned that “not recognizing children’s cultures and languages as assets” may be hurting them with schoolwork. “Over half the world’s population is estimated to be bilingual or multilingual,” according to the statement – to which I would say, so freakin’ what! However, I have to give your majesty credit. Yet again, he’s found a new and creative way to demean America while simultaneously keeping Americans divided during an election season.

The Obama policy statement didn’t stop there. It called for an array of changes, including creating curricula and educational systems that “support children’s home language development” and encouraging states to hire teachers who “speak the language and/or share the cultural background of children who are dual language learners (DLLS) in the community.” Additionally, the administration was concerned that states would not move fast enough to accommodate these children who will soon make up a “sizable proportion of the workforce,” and their linguistic and cultural assets will be needed in an “evolving global economy.”

The statement also said “the growing diversity of our nation’s children requires that we shift the status quo” to “build a future workforce that is rich in diversity, heritage, cultural tradition and language.” The problem with that last quote is that whenever leftists talk about diversity it usually excludes Christians, conservatives or Republicans, and white men.

Try and imagine for a second what must be going on in our president’s mind. I’d imagine he thinks, “Why should these kids have to adapt to an American culture that has raped, stolen and plundered from their nations?” It sounds crazy, but this is the mindset of an anti-colonialist like Obama our friend Dinesh D’Souza revealed in his books and films. What’s worst is that this mentality is rampant on our college campuses today. Ironically, it seems as though America is the only nation Democrats don’t want to have a national identity.

As I mentioned earlier, having a universal language encourages assimilation, unity and success. Therefore, the question becomes, what does the left have against assimilation, unity and success? Before answering that, you must understand that the left’s goal is to perpetually increase the size and scope of government in your life – hence, Obama’s policy statement that tries to impose the federal government’s will on local school districts.

Having said that, let’s address assimilation. The fact that immigrants still flock to America despite her “evil past,” in pursuit of the American Dream, must be troubling to Democrats because it flies in the face of their belief that there’s nothing exceptional about America – not to mention that their aspirations of lifelong government jobs are threatened when immigrants truly embrace the concept of limited government outlined in our Constitution. America use to be the great “melting pot” where a person from any nationality, creed or culture could pursue happiness and still take pride in the unique privileges American citizenship afforded everyone. Despite cultural differences, all Americans shared a commonality – E Pluribus Unum. However, Democrats despise assimilation because for their politicians at least, remaining in office requires dividing people, then convincing them you’re the only one that can bring them together.

This brings me to my next point, unity. Ask yourself, how often do you hear Democrats encouraging unity rather than sowing seeds of discord and disunity? They’re always the victims, and someone else rather than themselves is always to blame for their plight in life. Again, disunity is job security for Democrats.

Lastly, Newt Gingrich got it right in 2012 during his bid for the GOP presidential nomination: English is the language of success. How could anyone expect to thrive in America when they don’t speak the nation’s language? You can’t! If you were to travel to Italy, Russia, Brazil or Zimbabwe, would you expect its population to learn English just because you’ve arrived? Of course not! It’s silly, right? Yet, I can tell you that many inhabitants of these nations only dream of living in the U.S., and many do speak a little English. Why? Because America’s exceptionalism is envied everywhere in the world, with the exception of Democratic congressional districts.

Give me a conservative candidate that runs on “English as our first language,” and I’d vote for him or her every time.

Originally published at WND.com

Photo credit: By Daniel ChristensenOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

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