Spokane Public Schools Reject Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Ed Program for Middle School Children

In a Washington county that went to Donald Trump in the presidential election, a school district recently blocked Planned Parenthood from teaching “sex ed” in middle schools.

The Human Growth and Development Citizen Advisory Committee of the Spokane Public Schools approved the so-called sex education program, but the board pulled it from the table.

The abortion mill receives half a billion dollars from Americans’ paychecks every year. An organization that kills voiceless and vulnerable unborn babies is also allowed to teach “sex education” to government schools students — also paid for by taxpayers.

But Spokane said, “No.” From pro-lifer Kristan Hawkins at the Daily Caller:

The abortion behemoth has been pushing its “Get Real” sex ed curriculum across the country. But the only thing that’s “real” about Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum is the potential profit margins possible for the billion-dollar enterprise wherever the curriculum is introduced. The curriculum boasts little to no evidence of its efficacy and is rife with troublesome and downright disturbing content. And it’s everywhere.

For example, earlier this year, Planned Parenthood released guidelines for beginning a sexual conversation with preschool-aged children, advocating that little kids be told about gender roles, sexuality, masturbation and alternative lifestyles. Planned Parenthood also released some videos on “how to take care of your pussy” in which pictures of cats were intertwined with its messages on how women should understand and use their bodies. The sexual ethos of Planned Parenthood is on full display in the advice that they propose giving to other people’s children, one in which reckless behavior is encouraged while dangers are downplayed.

Hawkins made a good point. Planned Parenthood pushes early sexual activity and then offers services for the bad consequences.

Obvious questions remain. Why do parents allow government schools to teach their children about sex? Shouldn’t that be left up to the parents? And why would they allow so-called sex education from an organization that kills unborn babies?

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  1. You’re right. At one time schools tried to teach anti-drug education, and that failed miserably.