Star Parker at Federal Jail Holding Jan. 6 Detainees: ‘They Door Was Shut In Their Faces’

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), reported for Black Community News outside the U.S. Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility, where the government is holding detainees from the January 6 march on the Capitol. She and Necho Carroll, CURE’s Development Data Manager, witnessed officials denying access to Rep. Louis Gohmert, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Rep. Bob Good — all Republicans.

Star and her team were there to report on the treatment of these Americans, detained for participating in the riot that ensued at the march.

Carroll, who was inside the jail with the lawmakers and was kicked out with them, said that to “see duly elected Members of Congress, including those who serve on the oversight committee of this facility, be kicked out was shocking. The American people have a right to see and understand what has happened to those accused of these crimes.”

Star agreed. “There have been disturbing reports of how these Americans are being treated. We took our camera crew to the detention center to see first-hand how these prisoners are being treated and to see these friends in Congress pursue justice in this situation. The door was shut in their faces and makes you wonder what they are trying to hide.”

Watch the lawmakers’ press conference below, which leftists interrupted.

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  1. This just goes to prove Forrrest Gump was right “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • Wow. Democrats have no shame. I’m ashamed to say I was wishing that person blowing the whistle had fainted. Do these meddlers honestly believe they will be part of the “chosen” in the socialist utopia? Let’s remember that in scripture, meddlers and busy bodies are put in the same grouping as murderers and thieves.., There is no such thing as a political prisoners in a free country. R.I.P America July 2 1776-January 6 2021