Star Parker: Honesty About the Roots of Violence

I gave an interview with the Illinois Family Institute during our pastor summit in Chicago. I explained what is the root cause of violence and poverty that annihilates families and destroys our country.

If we’re going to end the perpetual welfare state, we need to be honest how it started. And we need to be honest how the Leftist secular solutions that we let our government use for over 50 years do nothing but cause massive harm to lives and to our freedom.

Please share our ideas far and wide during this critical election year so we can fight the lies from the Left.

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  1. “we need to be honest how the Leftist secular solutions” “do nothing but cause massive harm to lives and to our freedom.” This sounds like a good start and is something that is overdue. Thanks for doing this BCN. I would like to share this on my blog

  2. Star Parker is such a breath of fresh air! Her commentary is always on point and full of wisdom and poise. I fully support her views and pray that America will start to listen to what she has to say!