Star Parker: 'If Black Lives Matter, Then Black Children Matter'

The above video comes courtesy of Christine Marie Bennett, a Christian and pro-lifer who went to Selma to march against abortion. She filmed CURE’s Star Parker.

“If black lives matter, then black women matter,” Star said. “If black lives matter, then black children matter. If hands up, then don’t vacuum. And hands up, then don’t abort.”

(I think it’s an effective strategy to use the left’s “black lives matter” “hands up, don’t shoot” slogans to expose hypocrisy.)

Star said that Samuel Lett is performing illegal abortions in Alabama, which brings to mind Kermit Gosnell. Now serving life in prison, he murdered babies born alive and performed illegal abortions. Star quoted pro-lifer Day Gardner, who attended the Gosnell trial. Gardner was dismayed “sitting in almost empty Philadelphia courtroom hearing testimony after testimony of babies screaming and screeching while being killed by Gosnell and his employees.”

If you can bear it, listen to the rest.

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  1. You are correct and thank you for reporting.

  2. Christina Ann Boeckman

    Well said! I don’t see how anyone could think any differently and yet we still come across students at my college that say they don’t. It’s shocking that other people can be so blatantly ignorant. =(