Move the Abortion Discussion to the States? Not So Fast, Says Star Parker

Star Parker recently appeared on Victory News to discuss the leftist mob’s protests against conservative Supreme Court justices.

What did King Solomon say about scoffers? Star said that’s what these protestors are: they’re scoffing at truth. She said that Kirk Cameron has it right with this homeschooling documentary. “Let’s get our children out of these cesspools, these pagan environments, and start training them up in the way they should go.”

Star talked about the idiocy of the left, threatening to leave the country at the possibility of the Supreme Court ruling that there is no constitutional right to kill babies. She has firsthand knowledge about what’s being destroyed by killing unborn babies. Abortion is a crime against humanity, and if the draft opinion is ever finalized, then we’ll be able to have a discussion in our states to let women know that theres’s nothing wrong with being called a mom.

What we’ve been doing in our country for the last 50 years is unacceptable, Star said, and it’s coming to an end. But Star believes the states shouldn’t be discussing this issue. What does she mean?

Watch this brief segment for more of Star’s insights.

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