Star Parker Presents The Impact of Abortion on the Black Community Report at Pro-Life Leaders Summit

CURE president and founder Star Parker spoke at the recent Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Leaders Summit to give her testimony and point to the grave harm that abortion causes to the black community.

In her talk, she spoke about her past as a young woman going from abortion to abortion, until she realized this was wrong and pledged never to abort again. She told how God brought her out of a life of poverty and dependence to become a bold advocate for moral principles.

The structural issues she faced as a young woman, she said, still exist for young black women today. “We are called into this moment to address some of these issues,” she told guests who had gathered in South Carolina on February 14th and 15th. “We need to work closely with pregnancy care centers to say, what does a post-abortion society look like?”

Star had the opportunity to tout CURE’s success working with clergy and congress to match issues like poverty and crime to market-based solutions. But most importantly, she said, CURE is a strongly pro-life organization that highlights the tragedy of abortion in the black community each year with the Impact of Abortion on the Black Community Report.

You can watch the full video of Star’s talk below.

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