Star Parker: Trump Gets It Right at CPAC

Donald Trump showed up at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, and reminded everyone why, with all his provocations, so many are still on board with him.

Our country IS in trouble — big trouble.

No parent reading this would not be up in arms if his or her children were threatened.

Well, all Americans, including our children, are being threatened — threatened by the militant left now holding the reins of power. It’s why passions are running high.

Trump wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter.

“(W)e’re in the middle of a historic struggle for America’s future, America’s culture and America’s institutions, borders and most cherished principles,” he said. “Our security, our prosperity, and our very identity as Americans is at stake, like perhaps at no other time.”

The reason Trump stirs up so many is that he is right.

And it’s the reason why those on the left hate him so much. He’s got their number; he fearlessly calls them out, and he speaks directly into their insidious distortions and lies targeted to crush the core institutions that hold our country together.

Last year, I wrote about Black Lives Matter intimidating billboard company Clear Channel Outdoor to take down a billboard my organization posted in a poor Milwaukee neighborhood to encourage work, marriage, and education as the path out of poverty.

BLM, whose business is about blaming everyone else, would have none of this personal-responsibility message about dealing with poverty. And Clear Channel Outdoor immediately caved.

It’s what’s happening across the country, and we’re losing our nation.

Our largest corporations are selling out to “woke” politics and undermining the very values of capitalism that built every one of those firms.

The Wall Street Journal points out that in the $1.9 trillion spending bill that Democrats now want to be enacted, COVID-19-related provisions tally up to some $825 billion. The rest, another trillion-plus, is simply expenditures for Democratic pet programs along for the ride.

Last year, government spending at the federal, state, and local levels came to 43.3% of the U.S. economy. Almost $1 out of every $2 produced by the nation’s economy went to government.

Now Democrats want to add another $1.9 trillion on top of it.

It is clear that Democrats are not letting this crisis go to waste and want to use it as an opportunity to advance their agenda of socialism, secularism, and left-wing totalitarianism.

Here’s Trump again: “The future of the Republican Party is as a party that defends the social, economic, and cultural interests and values of working American families of every race, color, and creed.”

“Trumpism,” he said, “means low taxes and eliminating job-killing regulations.”

“We are committed to defending innocent life, and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founders and of our founding,” he said.

Democrats and the left have succeeded in redirecting attention from the accomplishments of Trump’s four years as president — 55% of Americans polled told Gallup last September that they were “better off now” than they were four years earlier — to one unfortunate incident on Jan. 6.

But what some rowdies who got out of hand did to bricks and mortar for a few hours Democrats and the left have been doing to our whole country for years.

The Equality Act that Democrats now push denies the insurmountable reality of every man’s and every woman’s sexual identity coded by God and nature into their DNA and their soul.

One needn’t agree with Donald Trump 100% of the time or be happy all the time with the way in which he delivers his message. But at a time when America as a free nation under God is under siege when a nation like Iran appears to be developing nuclear weapons when China is shutting down the bastion of democracy in Hong Kong, we need strong, tough leaders.

Donald Trump is strong, tough, and right.



Star Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and author of “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This is Good News for America.” She hosts a weekly show called “Cure America with Star Parker.”

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  1. God Bless you, Star, and keep you well, strong, and fighting for all Americans to know the Truth. Many of us are with you and behind you. The left seeks to completely undermine all that MLK and the civil rights movement fought and DIED for, as well as what ALL of our parents and grandparents sought to preserve. We must unite to stop this culture of death and wokeness, that they so ever brazenly now throw at us. Every good God fearing American of every color and creed, must now sacrifice and advocate, just as the generations before us. Much is at stake. Will send some more support your way later today.

  2. PS Stopped buying anything thru Amazon last fall and advocated to over 50 people to do the same and spread the word. They are just a middle man. I use their site as a search tool and then exit and deal directly with the retailer on their site.

    I firmly believe in God’s Mercy but also know His Justice is just as real. I do not wish anyone bad, but as He warned, the path is narrow. Harder for a man to gain entry to Heaven, than for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle. We need to stay the course, advocate, and bring as many along with us. To be clear: NOT saying I am going to get there. This sinner is just doing his best to stay on that path. They can’t have our souls. They are already promised and spoken for.

  3. Well done, faithful Star. You are a beacon of hope to all of America. You have shown us all that vision and determination are free to America if we will but raise our heads and greet our neighbors. Prosperity can be ours, but no government or government program can provide for us what we must provide for ourselves. Government can only provide for a few what they first steal from many/most. In the end, no-one but elite bureaucrats will have anything, least of all, FREEDOM!

    Thank you Mr. Butkowski for your common sense wisdom. I needed that, particularly in view of Amazon pulling Judge Clarence Thomas life story at the beginning of Black History Month. Time to take them down – in the marketplace. By offering convenience, they are killing the REAL goose.

  4. See previous. Apologies for mispelling your name Mr Bulowski.

  5. Star – You are in my prayers every day. Please stay strong and keep up the good fight. God bless you and your crew.