Star Parker: We Can’t Pretend the Alt-Left Doesn’t Exist — Here’s Proof of Their Hate

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), said she had to close CURE’s office yesterday for safety reasons because of the left’s reaction to her comments on Fox News on Monday.

There were two groups of people in Charlottesville on Saturday, and both sides, not just the right, must be acknowledged. In fact, Star enraged leftists when she equated the Confederate flag and with the homosexual rainbow flag. They both symbolize that certain people aren’t welcome — blacks for one flag and Christians for the other.

“And as a result, I heard from the Alt-Left,” Star said. “So, for me to pretend that there’s not a strong Alt-Left…My office had to close yesterday, lock its doors as a result of their hate. So for me to sit here and pretend…that hate is not as deeply rooted on the left as it is on the right, I would be disingenuous to the reality that I know.”

Star thinks the Alt-Right should not have been in Charlottesville at all. Watch the interview for more, including callers:

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  1. Star Parker is a beautiful individual

  2. Hal G. P. Colebatch

    Thank you for another excellent article.

  3. Good interview and a voice of reason Star. Thanks.

  4. Let’s hope the “alt-left” will never have the President’s ear.

  5. Star Parker, once again nails it….have been a HUGE fan of her’s since I read her book, “Uncle Sam’s Plantation”, which I have hyped every chance I get…she truly is a “STAR”

  6. Democrats setting the narratives. antifa & black lives matter attacked Trump supporters, Conservative speakers, and set fires on college campuses. White supremacy not present then. So stop with the phony narratives. Issue is Alt-Left violence!