Star Parker: We Don’t Want Civil War — The Battle is in the Voting Booth

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, appeared on Fox News Tuesday to talk about the president’s comments on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The host asked her if President Donald Trump’s comments condemning the violence were too vague. Star said they were “very appropriate and on point.” The so-called Alt-Right and the Alt-Left confrontation escalated into violence, and the president needed to calm things down before similar incidents spread across the country.

David Duke thinking the president is dog-whistling him that we’re going back to the Confederacy, Star said, is just as wrong as the hard left thinking this country isn’t about traditions, limited government, open and free markets, and e pluribus unum.

Americans must rally around the fact that we don’t want to end up in a civil war. We battle in the voting booth. The Alt-Left lost, “and they’re pretty upset about it.”

Watch the brief clip to hear what Star has to say about the Confederate flag and the “rainbow” flag.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that Star Parker is right. ……I am white and my husband is black. We have been together since 1966…We know what real racism is, from both sides..We thought it was over, and had been for many years…..Then Obama was elected President, and it all started back up…….We went! right back to the 60’s!…Donald Trump is right to call out both sides! They are both wrong!……..If the news media, and the opposition groups would stay away and ignore them, this would not have happened………Leave our history alone! Our country is not perfect, but I would rather live here than anywhere else in the world!…….The media is focusing on a very small group of people…….99% of us don’t care what color your skin is!……If you want to be liked live by the “golden rule” and treat others the way you want to be treated……Which, by the way, came from the Bible!

  2. It is unfortunate to compare the LGBT community with KKK and neo-Naziis. If history serves me, Hitler hated homosexuals as much as he did Jews and Blacks. Groups that suffer from and confront racism shouldn’t be lumped together with groups that thrive on and perpetrate racism.

  3. I give President Trump high marks for refusing to be steamrolled into swallowing the approved narrative that the fault is all with the so-called AltRight. It’s flat wrong, and our president had the guts to say so in front of the LameBrainMedia. What I wonder about is how long local and state law enforcement will make excuses and stand down while the growing army of masked thugs and ignorant children destroy civility and beat up our citizens. The Charlottesville cops stood silent and complicit while the battle raged. In Durham, a bunch of flabby, out-of-shape couch potatoes pulled down a memorial statue so they could dance like aborigines around their latest kill. In Durham the cops also stood by while that happened. The Durham County sheriff says no one will escape justice. Yeah — when? How long? When will you make the first arrests? Justice delayed is justice denied.