Star Parker: Why Pursuing ‘Slavery Reparations’ Will Lead to a LOSS of Freedom

The Black Caucus and other Leftists in the House will hold a hearing to begin a reparations commission. They have stacked the committees with leftist and communist experts to discuss “through open and constructive discourse, the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, its continuing impact on the community and the path to restorative justice.”

There will be nothing open nor constructive about this.

Corey Booker, who is running as a 2020 presidential candidate, introduced companion legislation in the Senate. And Democrats across the board, including every presidential candidate, have virtue signaled their approval to begin cash payments to descendants of slaves.

What is our country coming to? It’s true that enslaved ancestors of blacks were robbed. They were robbed of their labor, their happiness, their lives, their property and their families. And this continued into the 20th century through racist laws that excluded blacks from opportunities available only to whites, such as the GI Bill.

But our nation ended these racial hierarchies. We had a war and later a march, a brutal struggle for every American to live the American Dream with equal rights under the law — a very American idea.

Since then, leftists determined they could hold power by stoking the cold embers of institutional racism. And for the first time, we are witnessing the emboldened Left push a dangerous idea that will fracture our freedom by organizing our society by the sins of our fathers.

When the government determines whether you deserve your property and wealth, we lose our freedom. This is exactly what the Left plans and we need to stop them right now.

That’s why I must speak out and ask you to join me by sponsoring CURE’s Summit for Solutions in Chicago. We will have more than 100 pastors join with us to discover why reparations are the worst idea to heal past injustices. After our two-day summit, we will release a major statement from pastors in urban communities that tell the country we believe the Left is taking us in the wrong direction and must be stopped.

We know what reparations look like by visiting any urban community in our country. Since the Great Society began in the sixties, we watched out-of-wedlock births for blacks increase from 23 percent to 76 percent today. We’ve watched leftists steal trillions of dollars from Americans’ pocketbooks to give away to voters with nothing to show for it. After all, the poverty rate remains the same today as when the Great Society began in 1964. You won’t hear this on CNN or MSNBC.

I call government dependency “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” — and wrote a book about it. I know you believe it, too. That’s why I write to you today because you believe in me. Remember, it was a pastor who dared to tell me to get off of welfare and change my life. I listened to him and you know the rest of my story.

We can touch so many more Americans like me who are hungry for truth.

When Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ruled against racial classifications in Parents Involved in 2007, he wrote, “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Our pastors get it. Let’s back them by bringing our resources to teach about the dangers of dependency, the dangers of the Left, and the promise of the American Dream by donating right now. Thank you for all you do for freedom.

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  1. How will the progressives determine who has slave heritage?
    Will relatives of the black Buffalo Soldiers be required to pay reparations to Native Americans?
    Will black families who are related to slave owners (both white and black) be required to pay reparations?
    Will whites that can prove their forefathers were slaves get reparations?
    Now if that ain’t a can of worms!

    • I’d put the lid back on that can of worms. Your first question would be difficult, if not impossible to prove. Not only that, every 10+ years or so this BS comes up. The Democratic Party is playing “carrots and sticks” with Black voters again! They’re getting everyone on the record as being for or against reparations. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, if they support reparations the Democrats probably hope it will deter Black voters from voting for Trump if they’re so inclined to do that.

      Anything coming out of taxpayer money is coming out of my pocket as well. I’m Black, should we pay for our own reparations? How do you separate the tax dollars? I find the whole idea of reparations insulting and racist. Nobody owes me anything. I was never a slave and no White American living today has been a slave owner. It’s a stupid idea. What about the Irish? They were slaves both here and in the Caribbean. My heritage leads to Barbados as well as here. Do I collect from Barbados as well? European White Christians were kidnapped from European coastal towns and villages, in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, the British Isles, the Netherlands and Iceland when the Barbary Corsairs raided these villages and towns. They were sold into slavery in the Ottoman Empire along the Barbary Coast. Does North Africa own them some money? I think we had some poor British criminals as slaves in this country and the Caribbean as well. It would seem that it would be impossible for our country or the world to pay reparations to everyone whose ancestors were slaves.

      Mankind has been conquering, capturing, enslaving, killing and just in general, treating their fellow man like crap since Cain killed Abel. People need to fast forward. This is not going to happen, nor should it. Taking from people where were never slave owners and giving to people who were never slaves seems “odd”. Black folks need to “fast forward”!