Star Parker: Why We Must Teach More Black Americans About Capitalism and Freedom

The virtues of capitalism are there and you and I know what they are. And we especially know we CANNOT have freedom without capitalism.

But black communities, along with many others, are coming out of the welfare state and have very little knowledge about these virtues. That’s why it’s so important we reach more Americans to spread these virtues as socialism grows in popularity in our country.

In this interview, you’ll hear me explain why we must reach more Americans who are black and teach about capitalism and freedom.

That’s why I ask that you watch and share this important interview with everyone you know so we can protect freedom!

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  1. Some very interesting point in this interview. It is regrettable, however, that African-Americans continue to be identified by the “welfare state.” If you look at the totality of progress made since the War On Poverty began in he mid-60s, you’ll find that the vast majority of Blacks remained economically self-sufficient during that unfortunate period of social uncertainty.

  2. Please have Gianno Caldwell be a part of CURE, write articles, be on videos, etc
    Don Searles