Star Parker Will Still Speak At University After Liberals Tore Down Her Pro-Life Flyers

Brit Hume spoke about what happened with my posters at California State University, Los Angeles.

Not only did black students tear down my posters that advertise my speech [today] about abortion — a scourge on our nation that destroys everything it touches — they also replaced all of the literature about my work with pro-abortion literature.

And to make their point very clear, they also urinated on my posters. This is the hate that is splitting apart our country, oozing from a sore that is caused by our nation’s lost moral core.

starparkerabortionflyerA few people have asked me if I will still speak, knowing about the violence from the left. My answer: I need to be there. I will be there.

I will walk on that campus to speak to the students who will bravely attend my speech with my shoulders back and my head high.

I know you are with me.

I know our pastors are with me.

And I know God is with me.

Thank you for everything YOU do for freedom.

StarParkerBCNStar Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at

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  1. Star Parker is a Saint!