Montana State Library Commission Votes to Leave the American Library Association After New President Bragged About Being a ‘Marxist Lesbian’

Our oath of office and resulting duty to the Constitution forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist.

When was the last time you heard a sentiment like this? Every politician who comes up against Marxist ideology in government should think and speak this way.

The Montana State Library Commission told the American Library Association (ALA) exactly this after its new president, Emily Drabinski, described herself as a “Marxist lesbian.”

The Commission last week voted 5-1 to withdraw membership from the ALA.

“Marxism stands in direct opposition to the principles of the Constitution of the United States,” Commissioner Tom Burnett told the Daily Montanan. “It’s fair to discuss and learn about Marxism, not to affiliate with Marxist-led organizations.”

The Daily Signal reported that Drabinski is quite open about her radical beliefs and what she wants to accomplish.

Drabinski speaks frequently on topics such as “organizing for change,” “teaching the radical catalog,” “decolonizing the library catalogue,” “herstory through activism,” and “critical librarianship.”

In 2019, she co-authored a research article in Transgender Studies Quarterly documenting “a collective effort by a handful of catalogers” to revise library catalogue practices “so that binary gender was not encoded into the metadata of library records.”

Meg Kilgannon, a senior fellow for education students at the Family Research Council, told The Washington Stand that the ALA “has been promoting progressive ideology for many years. Their annual conference has had breakout sessions on how to feature racist and sexualized content frequently. The reelection of an openly Marxist president, who ran for the job promising to inject her militant views into the organization, was the last straw in Montana.”

The Montana Library Association’s executive board opposes the commissioners’ decision to withdraw.

“By isolating State Library professionals from their peers and fellow leaders, the Commission has effectively eliminated critical training and tools for not only State Library staff, but for local library boards and trustees.”

Parents are concerned about what their children are reading in school libraries and want to stop leftist teachers from pushing racist and sexualized content to them.

Do you support the Commission’s decision to withdraw from the ALA?

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  1. Taking bold stands against these Godless, often sin- ister and anti-Constitutional Republic foke needs to be the norm. Far too many cowards NOT leading not speaking against not standing up to these UNAmetican n hostile humanoids.

  2. The American Library Association should think about renaming the group to reflect their true Marxist values.