State of Black America, Part 1 — Watch Cure America Episode 47

After a year of a national debate over race relations in this country, this week’s episode of CURE America delves deep into “The State of Black America,” the first of many episodes on the challenges facing African-American communities in the U.S. When a deluge of news policies from Critical Race Theory, racial equity and reparations are part of the national debate and even as we are 150 years away from the Civil War and 60 years after the Civil Rights movement, so many problems still exist.

With a remarkable panel of policy experts and pastors joining this episode, we identify the issues that have set blacks back — poverty, education, out-of-wedlock births, single parent households and church leadership that has failed to help get people back to spiritual and Biblical truths. Further, the government solutions to these problems have not worked to solve them but contributed to the breakdown of the family.

The in-depth discussion with Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel Action, Ralph Chittums of Urban Red, and Dean Nelson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation breaks down the problems, but also comes up with some solutions.

Please join us for this week’s important episode on the cultural realities in African-American communities. Next week, we will address economic realities that need to be addressed. These episodes are in anticipation of a new study that will be released by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education in conjunction with the Claremont Institute on “The State of Black America.”

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  1. Star, Thank you for your panel and hearing their opinions. I would kindly and sincerely ask that you let them talk more. Personally, I feel that you were a bit heavy in your part of the conversation. May God bless you.

  2. I saw Ben’s take on the show and felt I ought to offer my opinion as well; I was thinking “how can I convince Star to come holler at, and reprimand my two neighborhood black churches” We need her voice so desperately! I do agree the “heavy handed female” is an aspect that can’t be ignored as a feature of the brockeness in society, I just don’t think that’s what was going on here today. Soft comfortable status quo republicans are as bad if not worse than the aggressive leftists, at least it easy to spot the leftist. Star is a fixer, she demands results, not just talking points. And I am sooo glad for that! We are not in a time to remain silent. The “mother bear” IS the voice bringing this CRT to the for front. We can know Gods way is the correct way, the way it works, and teach the children this truth, without denying that we’re not there. We’re in a fallen world, all the current single moms aren’t gonna suddenly get married, all the drug dealers aren’t gonna suddenly want to be heads of a household…, but we can teach our children, they can do it right, in spite of their parents failures. And Star is an invaluable encourager to the “regular” person. If we are going to combat the godless sex addicted vulgar woman of the left, Christian conservative woman are gonna have to bring it, and Star, your doing just that. Be in the world not of the world, doesn’t translate to “pretend the world doesn’t exist” Pulling people out of the fire cannot be done wearing church clothes…It takes all kinds, the courageous interrupters gotta do their thing while the kind peacekeepers do theirs. We gotta stick together on this! Thank you, Ben and Star for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion here:-) Keep up the good work!